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12 August 2015 @ 12:02 am
Dear Fandom Growth Exchange Writer  
First, let me thank you for picking one of my very rair fandoms and pairings.  Everything that I'm asking for is something that I've requested in other exchanges in the past.  Some requests I haven't matched on, and in some cases, I've received great stories - however, I'm of the opinion is that one can never have too many stories featuring certain characters.  I also like to see different takes on the same general theme, so please don't think that I'm requesting again because I haven't liked what I've gotten - that couldn't be further from the truth.

However, I think it's kind of silly to start my letter over from scratch, so I'm mostly going to cut and paste from some of my past letters.  Some of these requests are from the tag exchange, so the format is a little odd.

First, some general wants/do not wants.

Wants: (Things I especially like, if they happen to fit in with the story you want to tell.)

Snarky characters, physical or mental h/c, humor, PWP, gen, character studies, adventure, women or other characters who are usually in need of rescue turning the tables and being the hero, fix-it fic, A/Us in which events transpired in slightly different fashion. Note that I'm fine with drunken dub-con/aliens made them do it/sex pollen/the like.

Do not wants: (Things that I'm either not interested in for this exchange or that simply don't work for me with the fandoms and characters I've requested. Do note that there are fandom specific exceptions that will be listed under those fandoms.) Character death, non-con, a/b/o, genderswap, male or female pregnancy, kid fic, curtain fic, coffee shop/band/etc type A/Us, most kinks other than some mild bondage.

Now, on to the specific fandoms:


Group: Michael Coldsmith Briggs III & Caitlin O'Shannessy
Group: Michael Coldsmith Briggs III/Caitlin O'Shannessy

Personally, I ship Michael and Caitlin, but I know that's a rare ship, and I'm perfectly happy to see the two together in a platonic relationship. Michael is my favorite character, so you really can't go wrong with anything focused on him. However, I do request that if you go the platonic route, that you don't ship Hawke and Caitlin together.


Post-canon or A/U Canon divergence – If you can find a way to explain why Michael and Caitlin were both missing from the fourth season, or if you want to ignore the fourth season entirely, go for it.

Rescue Missions – for once, it's Michael and Caitlin saving Hawke and Santini?

Undercover as a couple, Undercover Missions or Spies & Secret Agents – Caitlin gets roped into going on a mission with Michael?

Scars, PTSD, hurt/comfort, emotional hurt/comfort or dreams and nightmares – Michael has been tortured, drugged and blown up, surely he has some baggage from it all? Maybe Caitlin is smart enough to see it?

Snowed in, Sharing a bed, Huddling for Warmth, Secret relationship, Handcuffed together, Porn what plot or Porn with Plot – Throw them in bed together, I don't care how. :)


Group: Danica Patrick & Tony Stewart & Kurt Busch & Kevin Harvick

This was the team that most fans (myself included) expected to see implode in short order. Oddly, they've gelled well together, but one does wonder what sort of craziness goes on behind closed doors. Please, avoid any serious racing accidents, although fist fights are more than welcome. Feel free to add any other drivers you'd like.


Magical pants (British pants preferred) – When I saw the tag, my first thought was a lucky set of underwear that's being shared (perhaps not willingly) among the team. Of course, they're a bit big on Danica, and a little small for Tony...

Alien invasion or Zombie apocalypse – Team Stewart tasked with saving the world? Or at least Daytona?

Bar Room Brawl – Don't tell me that you can't picture this...

Road trips or Vacations Gone Awry – Do you remember the series of Coke racing family road trip ads? Send the team on a trip together.

IN SPACE – I'm mot usually big on A/Us, but Team Stewart crewing a starship? Yeah!

Crack fic, Humor, Comedy, Team Dynamics – mix with any of the above, or if you have an idea of your own.

Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper/Amy Farrah Fowler/Penny
Sheldon Cooper/Beverly Hofstadter

Sheldon and Beverly experimenting?  (I sense a scientific paper coming from that!)  Amy dragging Penny into a threesome because Penny is experienced and Sheldon has no clue what he's doing?  Penny walking in on Sheldon and Amy when she goes over to borrow milk?  Or if you have a better idea?

Stargate Atlantis

I love the snark, and the relationships between the characters. I'm flexible regarding John and Rodney (and Todd, too!), either ship or bromance is fine. I only ask that you don't portray Todd as totally evil, because after all, the Wraith (Todd, at least) feed on people because they have to.

Group: John Sheppard & Rodney McKay & Todd
Group: Rodney McKay & Todd
Group: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Todd


Friendship, Frenemies, comrades in arms, loyalty – Anything exploring the complicated relationship between Todd and Atlantis.

Transformations, Villains to heroes, post-canon, team dynamics – What if Keller and/or Beckett find an answer to the Wraith's need to drain humans of life force, and Todd becomes a part of the team?

Hopefully, dear writer, I've given you some ideas or perhaps you have one of your own that you'd like to explore. In any event, just have fun writing and don't stress, I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be great!