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09 October 2016 @ 01:21 am
Dear Yuletide Author:  

Dear Yuletide Author:

(AO3 user name Debirlfan)
First, let me thank you for picking one of my fandoms. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you come up with, but if you're looking for some guidance, let me offer the following.

General likes: Snarky characters, physical or mental h/c, PWP, gen, character studies, adventure, women or other characters who are usually in need of rescue turning the tables and being the hero. Humor, up to and including crack – which would be more than appropriate for some of these requests. Note that I'm fine with drunken dub-con/aliens made them do it/sex pollen and the like. I'm also okay with gore, violence and secondary character deaths.

General DNWs (any exceptions will be noted): Requested character death, rape, genderswap, a/b/o, mpreg or fpreg, mundane A/Us, scat, watersports.

Now on to the specifics.

Cubicles and Careers


Where is it, what is it?

Cubicles and Careers is essentially reverse Dungeons and Dragons. Fantasy characters playing a roll-playing game in which they are characters in our world. Even if you're here for another fandom, if you want a good laugh, spend five minutes and go here:


Fandom specific wants: Essentially, something set in the same game playing universe.

Fandom Specific DNWs: Would prefer no sex between players, but no objection to “in-game” sex with NPCs or between characters. Please don't kill the players, but if a rolled up character walks out in front of a bus, well, oops.

If you're writing C&C, please don't feel that you need to exclude the orc, I left him out only because there were only four slots available. I'm up for all or any of the characters in whatever combination you'd like to write them. Equally, if you'd like to concentrate on just one character and tell a story from their perspective, that's good, too.

I love the premise of this, and however you would like to expand on it would be great. Perhaps they need to deal with a balky piece of office equipment? I can just imagine what a disaster putting toner into the copier would be. Or, perhaps you would like to continue on from the “ending” where they were all out of a job because their company had gone bankrupt. Are they going on a quest filing for unemployment? Going on job interviews? Traveling in a car or on a plane?

For this fandom, I would also be interested in something non-traditional, if your muse takes you in that direction. Character sheets? The dungeon master's notes for a prospective adventure? Interactive fiction? If you have another idea, go for it!


Michael (Archangel)
Charles Henry Moffet
Airwolf Helicopter

Where is it, what is it?

Airwolf is a 1980's tv show about a heavily armed, supersonic helicopter that was originally created by Moffet, an evil genius/madman working for a secret US agency (a thinly veiled CIA.) Moffet steals the helicopter, killing most of the people he was working with, and takes it to Libya. The Deputy Director of the agency, Archangel, hires Hawke (a Vietnam veteran who's brother is still MIA from the war) to steal it back. Hawke recovers the helicopter, but keeps it to use as leverage to force the agency to find his brother.

Almost all of the episodes of Airwolf are available on Hulu. Last I knew it was also on Netflix, but I'm not sure if it still is.

First, let me assure you that I do NOT expect you to include all four requested characters in your story. Instead please pick any of the options that I list below.

Fandom Specific Wants: Feel free to add other characters (Dom, Hawke, Marella, etc. if desired.) If you choose to write about Moffet, rape is NOT a DNW – go as dark and twisted as you want.

Fandom Specific DNWs: Please no Caitlin/Hawke.

Michael/Caitlin or Michael&Caitlin

In the course of less than three years, Michael has been blown up, drugged into attempting to kill his boss, and tortured to the point of breaking. It seems only reasonable to think that he's got some issues relating to all that, quite possibly including PTSD. Perhaps on some occasion after a mission they all end up at Hawke's cabin, and Caitlin catches Michael having nightmares? Or, perhaps Hawke and Dom get into trouble, and for once it's Michael and Caitlin who need to rescue them, rather than the other way around?

Another possibility would be “fix-it” fic for the 4th season, where Michael is supposedly “transferred” without saying a word, and Caitlin is never mentioned again. Maybe Caitlin has gone to work for the FIRM? Or the two of them have gone somewhere together? I'd also be interested in a story with any of the usual tropes, such as huddling for warmth, secretly dating, or undercover as a couple.

I do ship Michael and Caitlin, but I would also be happy with a gen take on any of my prompts. If by chance you're interested in writing porn, I'd be up for something vanilla, or any of the following – handcuffs/silk ties, blindfolds, breath play, blood play.

Charles Henry Moffet

(Note that canon can't decide how his last name is spelled, he's been listed as both Moffet and Moffett, use whichever spelling you prefer.)

In the pilot episode, Moffet tortures and presumably rapes two women. Further, it is suggested that there was another incident at “White Sands, in the 70's” which was either forgiven or covered up. There is also a reference that Hawke left the Airwolf program because of Moffet. I would love to see any of that explored.

Moffet also leaves a logic bomb (essentially a Trojan or a virus) in Airwolf's computers which takes control of the helicopter well after his death. Did he think he would be dead, or perhaps instead in prison, and able to use the virus to blackmail them into letting him out?

If you'd like to go in an entirely different direction, what if Moffet survived Hawke's attack at the end of the pilot? Surely he'd come back to cause more problems (and probably try to retake the helicopter.)

Airwolf helicopter

Moffet was once quoted as having said that Airwolf was “a living thing.” There have been a handful of fics that have portrayed Airwolf as either an AI or as some sort of psychic entity, in some cases with a telepathic link to one or more of her pilots. I would love to see any exploration of that sort of idea, regardless of what direction you want to take it.

If Airwolf is in some sense sentient, then how does/did she feel about Moffet? Does she know right from wrong and good people from bad people? Is she linked to Hawke? Dom? The entire crew? Does Michael and/or the FIRM know about it?

ICD-10 | International Classification of Diseases v10

V91.07 – Burn due to water skis on fire
V95.43 – Spacecraft collision injuring occupant

What it is?

No job is finished until the paperwork is done? Apparently the government thinks the medical profession needs specific codes for these very common, everyday events. :)

Please don't think you need to write both of these. Treat this as an OR request, unless you have some really crazy idea combining the two.

Fandom Specific Wants: Humor – the crazier crack the better.

Fandom Specific DNWs: none

I saw this in the tag set, had a “you've got to be kidding me” moment, and decided that I really needed fic. Tell me the story of someone going to their doctor's office and trying to explain the odd burns on their feet – or just tell me how the accident happened in the first place. Stunt gone wrong? Skiing through a burning oil spill? Accidentally skied up onto the beach and into someone's campfire?

Or perhaps you'd rather explain the spacecraft collision? Collision rather than crash suggests to me that they ran into something other than the ground, so what did they hit? Space debris? The Hubble telescope? An alien spaceship? What was the occupant doing when the spacecraft crashed, and did it contribute to the accident?

edit: Late addition, due to a stray random thought last night. Star Trek is notorious for characters being thrown about the bridge because apparently the Trek universe never invented seat belts.  Perhaps something similar is the cause of injury? If you do want to do a crossover, I'm familiar with TOS, DS9 and Voyager.

In short – have fun, and I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever you come up with. Thank you again for writing!