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30 June 2016 @ 12:04 am
Dear Rare Pairs Author  

Dear Rare Pairs Author,

Let me begin by thanking you for offering one of my fandoms. I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you write, but since you're probably looking for some ideas and guidance, I'll try to provide you with some suggestions. (Also feel free to look at any of the other letters you may find posted here - my tastes haven't changed much.)

First, some general wants/do not wants.

Wants: (Things I especially like, if they happen to fit in with the story you want to tell.)

Snarky characters, physical or mental h/c, humor, PWP, adventure, women or other characters who are usually in need of rescue turning the tables and being the hero, fix-it fic, A/Us in which events transpired in slightly different fashion. Mild bondage/spanking/pain play and the like. Note that I'm fine with drunken dub-con/aliens made them do it/sex pollen/the like.

Do not wants: (Things that I'm either not interested in for this exchange or that simply don't fit with the fandoms and characters I've requested. Do note that there are fandom specific exceptions.)

Character death, non-con, a/b/o, genderswap, male or female pregnancy, kid fic, curtain fic, coffee shop/band/etc type A/Us. Also no scat or watersports, please.

On to specific fandoms/pairings:



Yes, I've asked for this before, and I've received some lovely stories, but there can never be enough Michael/Caitlin fic. I'm good with anything you'd like to do with these two, but if you're looking for a specific idea, how about a “one blanket” type scenario? Or they're undercover as a couple? Or Michael having nightmares and Caitlin catches him?

Big Bang Theory


Amy dragging Penny into a threesome because Penny is experienced and Sheldon has no clue what he's doing? Penny walking in on Sheldon and Amy when she goes over to borrow milk? Or if you have a better idea?


These two don't have a lot of interaction in canon, but did bond together during the scavenger hunt over a shared musical interest. If at some point in the future their current relationships didn't work out, these two might make an interesting couple. Maybe going off to attend a concert together as platonic friends, but then things get physical?


Again envisioning a future where current couples have gone their separate ways, Howard has grown a lot from the perv he was at the beginning of the series. Penny's attitude towards him seems to be softening a bit, and perhaps could soften more in the future? Especially if he's upset over a breakup with Bernie?

Stargate Atlantis

John/Todd, Rodney/Todd

(Grouping due to similar dynamics.) I really don't want outright rape here, as I don't see Todd as particularly evil (he drains humans because he has to, not because he especially wants to.) I could see a scenario where Todd was protecting either John or Rodney from another Wraith/a queen by claiming them as “his” and needing to prove the relationship. Or the exchange of life force has other ramifications?

To conclude, I hope you found something here that's of some help to you. I'm eagerly awaiting whatever you come up with and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Thanks again for writing!!!