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02 August 2016 @ 09:58 pm
Dear Darkest Night Writer  

Dear Darkest Night Writer,

Thank you for picking one of my fandoms to write. I'm pretty easy to please, so if you have a different idea than the scenarios I've suggested, then go for it. Note that I've requested many of these fandoms and characters before, and in some cases have received great stories, but I'm greedy and always want more!

That said, a few DNWs for this exchange: main character death, a/b/o, genderswap, male or female pregnancy, kid fic, curtain fic, mundane A/Us. Also no scat or watersports, please.

Also - I might end up adding a few tags to some of these requests if I come across something else that fits, but they'll all be along the same lines as what I've listed.


tags: unwanted mind reading, premonition of death, mind manipulation, telepathy, unavoidable fate, bad ending, not human, deadly premonition, be careful what you wish for

You can find a description of SCP-978 here: http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-978

Essentially what it amounts to is a camera that takes photos that show the true desire of the subject. Now, for some subjects, that desire might be as simple and harmless as a nap – but hey, this is Darkest Night. Take someone's photo and show me their darkest desires, maybe even ones they didn't know they had. Perhaps the “someone” isn't even human. Original fic is great, or if you'd like, make it a character from any fandom I'm familiar with. (Check some of my other exchange letters if you're not sure, or ask through the mod.) Please don't think that you need to write this in the style of an SCP report, I'm really more interested in the idea of the camera than in the SCP.

The Writer Automation
The Writer

tags: doll come to life, premonition of death, deadly premonition, dark magic, telepathy, implied creepiness

You can find the video I'm requesting here: http://www.chonday.com/Videos/the-writer-automaton

A friend sent me the link to this video some time ago, and maybe it's partly the music and the way it's filmed, but it totally gave me the creeps. I can just picture the writer suddenly starting to write things it's not “programmed” to write. Premonitions regarding the museum staff? Demands? Maybe it starts using blood for ink? Or if you have a creepy idea of your own, go for it.

AT&T Polite Family
The family

tags: aliens, A/U-serial killers, bodies in the basement, creature inside, not human, dysfunctional family, demons, replaced by aliens

You'll find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVDWfuiDSDo

I remember this ad from when it aired on tv, and I always thought that no way do real people act like this, no matter how happy they are with AT&T. I'm convinced they're hiding some really big secret - maybe they're aliens or demons, maybe there's a pile of bodies a foot deep in the basement – I'm not sure exactly what, but there's definitely something very wrong here. Perhaps a look inside the daughter's diary would be enlightening? Or the arrival of the mothership?

Airwolf helicopter

tags: artificial intelligence, dark magic, demons, possession

Airwolf is currently available on Hulu, as well as some other places.

Airwolf was created by an evil genius, and at one point he is quoted as having said that, “Airwolf is a living thing.” Also, in one episode a computer program that her creator left in her computers takes over control of the helicopter – and it is hinted at the end of the episode that they may not have entirely purged the program. I think there are enough clues to support the idea that there is -something- at Airwolf's heart, whether that is simply an AI, a demon or something else entirely.

Michael & Caitlin

tags: unhealthy coping mechanisms, scars, recovery after torture, PTSD, secrets, sex post-permanent injury, chronic pain, nightmares, bloodplay, breathplay, suicidal thoughts

Airwolf is currently available on Hulu, as well as some other places.

In canon, over the course of less than three years, Michael has been blown up, tortured until he broke, and drugged into attempting to kill his boss. Seems pretty likely that he's at least a little messed up from all of that, regardless of how well he hides it. Perhaps one night when they are both staying at Hawke's cabin, he doesn't hide it quite well enough? Does she get him to talk about it, or something else? Maybe something physical? I do ship these two and would not be opposed to some kinky sex, but I would be equally happy with gen.

Big Bang Theory
Sheldon & Penny
Sheldon & Amy

tags: abusive childhood, verbal abuse, things no one talks about, dysfunctional family, secrets, sexual abuse

Fans have long seen Sheldon as “unofficially” having Asperger's, and that may be true, but I've always thought that (even though the powers that be would never go there) there could be another explanation for some of his quirks. We know that his father drank, he was unpopular among the other kids his age, and that he was shipped off to college in a foreign country where he didn't speak the language at fourteen. Any of those things could easily have set him up to be abused - either mentally, physically or sexually. To me, that could explain him not wanting to be touched, insisting that people not be in his room, waking up shouting, “Danger!” and much more. I don't believe the guys would ever pick up on this, but I could see either Penny or Amy doing so, Amy because of her training or Penny possibly because she knew someone else who'd been abused and spotted the signs. Would prefer a gen relationship with Penny or a canon type relationship with Amy.

Castle & Beckett

tags: aliens, zombies, occupation of earth, ghosts, urban legends, possession, demons, dark magic, forced to commit violence, forced to fight to the death, aftermath of violence, guilt, collateral damage

First, let me say - if you want, free to ignore the entire last season, particularly the final episode. That said, I've got two very different requests:

For once, one of Castle's wild theories turns out to be right. Vampires, aliens, witchcraft, etc. Whatever it is, it's evil, and it might be much bigger than whatever case they're working on.

Alternately, Castle is forced to kill someone to protect Beckett. Maybe they're a teenager, maybe the gun they're pointing at her turns out to be unloaded, maybe an innocent bystander gets shot in the melee. For whatever reasons, Castle feels guilty as hell about what he did.

Sheppard, McKay, Carson, Todd

tags: trapped, cut off from Earth, be careful what you wish for, A/U canon divergence, A/U post-apocalypse

Something post-series, with Atlantis making it back to Pegasus – but then things go very wrong. Maybe they're cut off from Earth? Maybe the Earth is destroyed? Maybe the Wraith have completely taken over Pegasus while they were gone? Maybe they find a “cure” for the Wraith that has the side effect of turning them into blood sucking vampires rather than life sucking ones? I'm totally open on gen vs any pairings you prefer.

To conclude, I hope you found something here that's of some help to you. I'm eagerly awaiting whatever you come up with and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Thanks again for writing!!!

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