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07 July 2016 @ 12:42 pm
Dear Crossover Writer  
Dear Crossover Writer

Thank you for picking a couple of my fandoms. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy whatever you write, but if you're looking for a little guidance, I can give you the following suggestions.

Basic likes:
For this exchange, I'm primarily interested in gen. I have no problem with background pairings but I'd prefer that the fic not focus on them. For the most part, I would prefer crossovers to fusions, however if you have a great idea for a fusion, then go for it. Don't feel limited by the characters I mentioned – use whatever characters you'd like from the various shows. I think most of my requests tend to lend themselves to humor, and I'm fine with anything up to and including crack. Also, as you might guess from some of my requests, I love snark.

Basic DNWs:
For this exchange, sex. Also main character death, genderswap, mpreg/fpreg, A/Us other than the obvious crossover fandoms. One exception to this – if you cross Mayhem with SGA or ST:TOS, feel free to do pretty much anything to him. (Turn him into a girl, get him pregnant, etc.)

Now on to the specifics:

Star Trek: TOS/Boston Legal/Mayhem

Star Trek: TOS/Boston Legal
Somehow (transporter malfunction?) Denny Crane ends up on the Enterprise. Bonus points if Denny has to pretend to be Kirk in front of the Klingons.

Star Trek:TOS/Mayhem
Ensign Mayhem in a red shirt. Landing party. First contact, maybe? What could possibly go wrong? For this request, feel free to kill off anyone you'd like. (Mayhem, sole survivor?)

Boston Legal/Mayhem
With all the... um... mayhem that Mayhem causes, there's bound to be a lawsuit. Are Denny and Alan suing, or defending?

The Big Bang Theory/Stargate Atlantis/Scorpion

Is the Pegasus galaxy big enough for both Sheldon and McKay? Or perhaps throw Sheldon (and the others?) on a gate team. Penny could be the muscle – or have the gene.

The battle of the brains. Maybe they need to work together to save the world (or some part of it?) or maybe they're both working independently on the same problem. A fusion here would be interesting with the BBT gang taking the place of the Scorpion characters.

Scorpion gang called in to solve a problem on Atlantis? Walter somewhat combines Rodney's brains with John's (talent?) for putting himself at risk, how well will that go over?

Castle/Stargate Atlantis/Mayhem

Castle with the ancient gene, running around Atlantis, gleefully touching things like a kid turned loose in a toy store. McKay having a fit.

Mayhem with the ancient gene, running around Atlantis, gleefully touching things which promptly blow up/turn people purple/shut off the life support systems/back up the plumbing. McKay having a total meltdown.

Mayhem wandering into the middle of Beckett's murder investigation. Contaminating evidence. Providing conflicting statements. Spilling Beckett's coffee. Bonding with Castle?

Again, I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with, so if you have another idea, go wild with it. Enjoy!